2016 ATB Financial Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival

The Lethbridge dragon boat festival was a great success for OCC this year. Having been away from the festival the year previous, the club was excited to be back and eager to perform. Powered by our core of amazing VI (visually impaired) paddlers, OCC Dragon Sight, raced hard and was proud to challenge for a medal in the Mixed B finals! The finish was incredibly close! OCC Dragon Sight finished 4th with less than 2 seconds of separation from 2nd place and just over 2 seconds out of 1st place. So close!

2016 Lethbridge Festival (3)

For the open competition, OCC was joined by paddlers from Dragnum and the Raunchy Roadents, and despite starting at the back, surged to claim 2nd overall.

In the 2 km challenge OCC powered their way to 4th despite some scary brushes with tipping the boat in the turns.

OCC also was pleased to be able support the Blazing Paddles women’s team with some of our fantastic female paddlers!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend. A huge thank you to you all those that supported us on and off the boat!

And a huge thank you to the Lethbridge dragon boat festival staff!

2016 Lethbridge Festival (2)