About the Club

The Oil City Crew Dragon Boat Club (OCCDBC)

The Oil City Crew Dragon Boat Club seeks to foster the development of competitive and recreational dragon boating among all cultures, all ages, and all physical abilities within the greater Edmonton area.

OCC will provide training and competition opportunities to individuals of all ages, levels of experience, and ability in Edmonton and the surrounding community.

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The Oil City Crew Dragon Boat team has been a top competitive team since its inception.  Winning the Edmonton championship in 2009, placing in a top division in 2010, winning the festival Championship again in 2011 and defending the championship once again in 2012.  By the end of the 2012 season, Oil City Crew Dragon Boat Club (OCCDBC) was recognized as one of the fastest Dragon Boat teams in Western Canada and earned the reputation as Edmonton’s top premiere Dragon Boat racing crew.

In 2013 OCCDBC’s competitive team and OCC Dragon Sight joined the Prairie Dragons Paddling Club (PDPC www.prairiedragons.ca) in order to form top competitive teams from across the prairies in order to compete at the 2013 Canadian Nationals. The 2013 Nationals was a success, with the Senior A & Senior B teams, as well as OCC-Dragon Sight qualifying for the 2014 Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna, Italy.

Our Mission:

OCC is focused on creating a culture of team spirit within the dragon boat community committed to leadership and excellence. OCC is an competitive/racing Edmonton dragon boat club which promotes a culture dedicated to growth and excellence of it individuals Our dragon boat club promotes a culture of growth, excellence and opportunity to building lasting friendships.

Oil City Crew Dragon Boat Club values respect, supportive, approachable, team player and family.