Festivals & Competitions

–Updated 2021-02-28

OCC is passionate about racing in regional (festivals), national, and international  competitions. We aim to provide racing opportunities for paddlers of all levels of experience and ability.

Page Updates: Please watch this page for updates as new and updated information becomes available. OCC will be updating pertinent festival, competition, and selection information in response to changes from festival/competition organizations (DBC, IDBF, etc.).

Regional Festivals:

OCC will be looking to compete in the following festivals for 2021 in light of COVID. Participation is open to all eligible paddlers. Team entry and composition will be subject to number of paddlers registered. OCC will enter an OCC Select (selection based) crew at festivals where more than one team will be entered. OCC also aims to enter our  women’s crew, and a senior crew (40+) where the categories exist.

To be eligible to participate, a paddler must either be a registered member of OCC or be an invited non-member. Please contact the board (board@oilcitycrew.ca) for more details. Participating paddlers are responsible for paying all associated fees (festival fees, accommodations, transportation, etc.) and must complete festival registrations and waivers.

Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival – usually third weekend of June (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Calgary Dragon Boat Festival – usually second weekend of August (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival – to be announced

Leduc Boat Club Regatta – to be announced

Selection Criteria for OCC Select Crews:

Selection is for each completion exclusively from the pool of available paddlers. Selection is based on boat balance, bench order, paddler’s performance and Coaching Team discretion (taking into account athlete ability to cope with stress levels of competition, weight of athlete relative to weight in the boat, fatigue limit of paddler, paddler side, etc.).

NOTE: Non-members of OCC are eligible for selection per the discretion of coaching.

Paddlers who are not selected to an OCC Select Crew for a specific competition will race with the other OCC crews.

Canadian Dragon Boat Championships and Club Crew World Championships:

The ultimate goal of the Oil City Crew (OCC) is to repeatedly compete at the Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) hosted by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). This competition is hosted every even year (2014, 2016, 2018, etc.) at venues all around the world. OCC last competed at the CCWC in 2014 (Ravenna, Italy) with our Visually Impaired team OCC Dragon Sight.

To attend the 2020 CCWC, OCC will send Division I crews in various categories (Premier Mixed, Visually Impaired, Womens, Senior, etc.) to compete for one of five entries (per category) at the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships (Nationals) in 2022.

To qualify for the competition for these entries, OCC will be racing at qualifier festivals prior to Nationals. These festivals may include the following:

Additional Selection Criteria for OCC Canadian Dragon Boat Championship Div. I Crews and OCC Club Crew World Championship Crews:

  • Paddlers must register with Dragon Boat Canada through OCC (registration must be completed before May 1st*);
  • Paddlers must participate in a selection camp hosted by OCC; and
  • Paddlers must qualify as OCC members (through DBC) at two qualification festivals/events prior to 2022 Canadian National Champions**.

Paddlers must understand that they are responsible for all associated costs (membership fees, festival costs, selection camp costs, etc.) required for eligibility but accept that they may not make the final selection.

*DBC registration is required before May 1st to ensure enough time for the DBC identification required for qualification to be issued and delivered to registrants prior to participation in qualification festivals/events.

**Per DBC: “in order for anyone (any or all of the crew members) to use an event as a qualifier everyone on the crew list (it has to be a DBC crew list) must be affiliated with the same club through DBC.”

If interested in competing with OCC, please contact the Board (board@oilcitycrew.ca).