OCC; A Legacy to Continue

This was the review of OCC’s former president Heidi Knupp as she resigned in 2014.

2014 marks the end of my tenure as President – and it is with pride that I look back on the growth OCC has made over the past two years.

One thing that stands out is the growth and development of Dragon Sight, which I am proud to have founded with Darwin Li & Terry Schmolke, and introducing long time paddler Donna Peters to the role off steers person!

In 2012 Dragon Sight finished 3rd last at the Edmonton Festival, with a time of 2:56.21 – and only two short years later – won Gold in the 200 m at the Club Crew Worlds, which I am proud to have drummed, and finished 2nd in the 500 m category with a time of 2:16.584 – 40 seconds faster than in 2012 – WOW!

2014 saw OCCDBC continuing with our partnership with Prairie Dragons Paddling club, with our competitive crew & Dragon Sight focusing the year on preparing for the Club Crew World Championships in Italy. Working towards that goal saw our club continue to show our strength.

In Lethbridge our Senior A and Senior B teams finished 3rd and 5th respectively. Lethbridge also marked the first out of town Festival for Dragon Sight – where they clearly demonstrated they were ready for Worlds, finishing 23rd out of 43.

We also did very well at the Calgary Festival, with our Senior B team finishing 4th overall and the Senior A team finishing 6th. The Weed Wackers also joined us in Calgary – showing the depth our of club and finishing 1st in the mixed B final, coming in 11th overall.

The Edmonton Festival this year demonstrated camaraderie between our members, both past and present.

Our competitive team reached out to past-OCC members and friends, who then competed together under the OCC name – taking home the Silver Medal in the mixed division in what was quite possibly the fastest heat of the Festival, with all three teams finishing with sub-2 minute times.

We also entered a Women’s team for the first time, making OCC history, with the Swamp Sirens finishing 2nd in the Women’s division behind Edmonton`s veteran women`s team – SCS Phoenix.

The Wriver Wreckers also showed the strength of our club, posting strong times and finishing the festival in 15th

And we can’t forget about Dragon Sight – who finished 7th overall by Winning GOLD in the Borealis Division.

The year ended with a bang at the World Championships in Italy – where we showed the World that Alberta, and the Prairies, is home to some awesome paddlers.

Dragon Sight made history taking home the GOLD in the 200 m, and was less than 1 second behind in both the 500 m and 2km. The Women’s crew came in 4th in the 500 m, under a second out of a medal, and the 2km, and 7th in the 200 m, with our Senior A and Senior B teams both posting respectable times.

Looking back on my time as President I can’t help to think – wow – what a legacy. Team records were broken and history was made. I have each and every one of you to thank for helping with the creation of that legacy. As my time as President comes to a close, I want to end by saying – thank you – and with my heartfelt wishes for 2015.


Heidi Knupp

2013-2015 President

Oil City Crew Dragon Boat Club