OCC Assistant Coach, Donald Shand

Donald Shand started dragon boating when, due to an injury, his plans of competing in an international bench press competition in 2009 ended. He was introduced to the sport and instantly fell in love. Being that Don possesses a competitive nature he pursued the goal to once again compete at a National level when he found OCC.

Don tried out and made OCC’s premiere team and went on to compete in Nationals in Welland Ontario. With the growth of OCC Don became an active mentor due to his experience and natural ability to invest in others finding himself coach for the Wriver Wreckers in 2014.

This turned out to be a transitional and challenging year in OCC as members were in Italy competing in Club Crew Worlds. Don, with the assistance of head coach Darwin Li are to both be commended for pulling together the resources within the club by combining it’s forces within all divisions of paddlers sighted and visually impaired where they went on to finish 2nd overall at Edmonton festival and were gold medalists in the mixed B final in Calgary.

Proof once again of the brand of excellence of both the coaching and paddlers of the Oil City Crew Don is proud to be part of today.

Don is currently coaching the recreation team (that endorses the true competitive nature of the Oil City Crew) Wriver Wreckers. But he never forgets his roots and claim to success in the sport from coach and friend, Darwin Li.